BAR & ResTaurant

​Here at the Beekies Neuk we are committed to providing great quality home cooked meals, using fresh local produce.

Soup of the Day £4.75
Homemade soup served with a warm roll and butter
Chef's Cullen Skink £5.85
A thick creamy soup with smoked haddock, potatoes, onions and smoked salmon
Garlic Bread
Two grilled slices, served with a salad garnish £3.75
with mozzarella cheese £3.95
Prawn Marie Rose £5.95
Tender prawns bound in our homemade marie-rose sauce served with Balmoral bread
Chilli Potato Shells £5.95
Crisp shells filled with beef chilli and topped with grated cheese
Haggis Balls £5.85
Haggis balls dipped in our own batter, deep fried and served with mango chutney
Duck Spring Rolls £5.65
Duck spring rolls served with a salad garnish and a sweet chilli dip
Beekie's Pate £5.95
A smooth homemade chicken liver pate flavoured with cream and brandy, served with a crisp salad and toast
Deep Fried Mushrooms with a garlic mayo £5.95
Fresh mushrooms coated in our crispy batter and deep fried and served with a garlic mayo and salad garnish
Vegetarian Duo   £5.50
Mini spring rolls and vegetable samosas served with a salad garnish and sweet chilli dip
Mozzarella sticks £5.50
Deep fried Mozzarella sticks served with a salad garnish and a sweet chilli dip
Chilli Cheese Nachos £6.25
Tortilla chips covered with our homemade beef chilli, smothered with melted cheese and served with salsa, sour cream and guacamole
Available as a main course or to share £8.95

The Grill
Gammon Steak £14.95
8oz gammon steak with a tomato, onion rings, mushrooms topped with either a pineapple ring or a fried egg
Liver & Bacon  £13.95
Pan fried ox liver with bacon and fried onions served either with or without gravy
Farmhouse Mixed Grill £19.95
Rib-eye steak, gammon, liver, sausage, black pudding, bacon, onion rings, mushrooms, fried tomato and topped with a fried egg
8oz Ribeye Steak £20.95
Pan fried to your request and garnished with fried mushrooms, a tomato & onion rings
8oz Fillet steak £23.95
Pan fried to your request and garnished with fried mushrooms, a tomato & onion rings
Bonnie Prince Charlie £25.95
8oz fillet steak, topped with haggis and coated in a grain mustard and whisky sauce
Chef's sauce to complement your steak…….Pepper, Diane or Drambuie £3.00
Steaks inc chips, onion rings, mushrooms and vegetables of the day
Beekies Specialties
Chicken Beekies Neuk  £15.95
Chicken breast cooked in a cream, onion and mushroom sauce, topped with oatmeal stuffing and grated cheese
Seafood Mornay  £15.95
Succulent pieces of haddock, smoked haddock, salmon and prawns bound in our creamy sauce, topped with tomato, cheese and fresh breadcrumbs
Smothered Chicken  £13.95
Chicken and bacon smothered in barbeque sauce, topped with mozzarella and cheddar cheese
Cajun Blackened Salmon £15.75
Fillet of salmon coated in spices, pan fried and served with a lemon mayo dip
Cajun Blackened Chicken £14.75
Strips of chicken breast marinated in spices, pan fried and served with a garlic mayo
Medallions of Pork  £14.95
Tender pork loin, pan-fried and served on a bed of rice with a creamy peppercorn sauce
Please note that some dishes may contain nuts
Please note that all meals are cooked to order and your patience is appreciated

Home cooked Gammon and Peach salad  £10.95
Cheese, pickle and Pineapple salad  £9.95
Seafood salad  £12.95
Warm Chicken Ceasar Salad £13.55
Salads served with a choice of baked, boiled or chipped potatoes
Homemade Lasagne  £11.50
Pasta layered with our own bolognaise and white sauce topped with cheddar cheese
Macaroni Cheese & Ham  £8.95
Macaroni pasta with diced home-cooked ham bound in a rich cheese sauce
Fettuccine Carbonara  £12.25
Ribbon pasta with bacon, onion and mushrooms, cooked in a white wine and garlic cream sauce
all Pasta dishes are served with garlic bread
6oz Plain Aberdeen Angus burger £9.95
Served in a toasted floury bap with salad garnish, homemade coleslaw and chips
Extra burger toppings - 
                                                                                                       Cheese £1.00
                                                                                                       Bacon £1.00
                                                                                                       Chilli £1.00
                                                                                                       Fried Egg £1.00
Battered Chicken Burger £8.95
Fresh strips of battered chicken breast served in a toasted bun with a salad garnish, coleslaw and chips
Beekie's Special Burger £12.95
6oz certified Aberdeen Angus burger topped with chilli, cheese & bacon, served in a toasted bun with salad garnish, coleslaw & chips
Mushroom & Pepper Stroganoff  £12.75
Mushroom and peppers in a cream, brandy and paprika sauce with tagliatelle
Vegetarian Curry  £9.95
Vegetarian Lasagne £9.95
Macaroni Cheese  £8.95

Old Favourites
Battered Haddock £12.95
Deep-fried haddock in our own beer batter, served with salad garnish and chips
Chilli Tacos  £11.50
Our own spicy chilli served in two taco shells, topped with cheddar cheese served on a bed of rice
Home Made Steak Pie £11.25
Served in an earthenware dish, topped with puff pastry and vegetables
Beef Olives  £11.95
Prime braised steak, stuffed with oatmeal and prepared in a rich gravy
Chef's Chicken Curry  £11.25
Tender pieces of chicken breast served on a bed of rice with a poppadum
Chicken Kiev £14.25
Breaded supreme of chicken stuffed with garlic butter and deep-fried til golden brown
Aberdeen Scampi  £11.25
12 pieces of whole tail breaded scampi, locally produced and served with salad garnish
Chicken satay  £12.50
Strips of chicken breast marinated with herbs and spices, pan-fried and served on a bed of rice
Sweet & Sour Chicken  £12.50
Freshly battered strips of chicken breast in our special sweet & sour sauce served on a bed of rice
Chicken Maryland £14.95
Breaded Supreme of chicken, battered pineapple and banana fritters deep-fried til golden brown, served with bacon and a sweetcorn pancake